For over thirty-five years Florentia Clothing Village has been the creative hub for people and businesses in Manor House.

That creativity now extends from its original sphere of fashion design and manufacturing, into the arts of film; theatre; music; design and photography.

Florentia Clothing Village is home to a vast array of businesses whose motivation to work within a community of like-minded creatives is a priority – ideal for those who demand a London base with the great value that North London offers.

With the first studios built in the early 1900’s, our colourful, secure and accessible site ranges across 4 acres and incorporates 30 large-scale studios of 200 to 4000 square feet.

Welcome to the best-kept creative secret in town!

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The original parts of the building were built in the early part of the 20th Century, before development broadened the ‘Warehouse District’ into the bustling area we see today.

With this part of North London establishing itself as a centre for Cypriot clothing trades, the Village itself was opened on 1983 when we had the honour of a visit from Princess Anne to formally begin the Florentia Clothing village era.

The estate has proudly continued under the care of the same family since that time.